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 About Electric Glass Radiators

    Imagine you could reinvent the radiator. Why not use transparent materials? Why not do away with the pipes? Don't you dream about a radiator that looks as good as it heats? What about if you could make a radiator become a real work of art, (even design your own) while giving outstanding warmth and efficiency?
    A touch of glass that blends with any furniture, and could easily befitted with low operating costs and a total lack of noise. As a solution for every environment I present the Electric Glass Radiators, powered by electricity. The heat is emitted by the radiant glass (no convection) and controlled, and may be applied to a thermostat. Electric Glass Radiator is an amazing array of panels that heat each room with harmony and style.
    Because of its transparency, Electric Glass Radiator brings a nice visual effect and does not affect interior design, emitting a unique beauty of scenery, which provides most pleasant and healthy form of heating, not to mention the fact that this heat generates upward, the air will remain practically clean. Particular colors of Electric Glass Radiator can be chosen when you want to choose a particular model. Electric Glass Radiators are available in many models, horizontal or vertical, have different sizes and different colors (gray, yellow zinc, night blue, dark green, ultramarine blue, ruby red). Electric Glass Radiators offer not only the shape but also color. Heat is required for maintenance of pleasant living conditions. Even when conditions provide a small space you can choose Electric Glass Radiator that fits smaller spaces and discreet, keeping thermal characteristics.
    The Electric Glass Radiators are available in two versions: a version without thermostat - heater temperature is set by factory, operating at a temperature of 65 degrees, lower temperature than a regular heater; and a version with thermostat - the thermostat can be adjusted to the desired room temperature, keeping a constant temperature.

Why choose Electric Glass Radiators?

- Smart people have smart houses;

- The glass century, is all the rage;

- It is an innovative product. The heat is created with an electric conductive layer on the front of the glass within the lamination. Electricity is sent through this layer, generating heat because of the electrical resistance that the electricity has to work against.

- It is a futuristic product. It has all you need.

- Low purchase price. The purchase price of the heating system is low compared to conventional gas or oil-based central heating systems.

- It is an organic product;

- It is easy to install, no installation costs. The installation costs of the Electric Glass Radiators are extremely low compared to conventional heating systems. The costs are merely your own, since you do not need a professional to install it for you.

- Does not rust;

- Do not damage the paint;

- Do not gather dust;

- It is very easy to maintain. Electric Glass Radiators incur no maintenance costs whatsoever, unlike many other water or oil-based heating systems. The Electric Glass Radiator itself has no working parts of any kind, which normally would need servicing with time.

- Easy to relocate. You can take your complete heating system with you when you move house. The ideal room heating system can move with you, without any additional costs.

- It harmonizes with all types of furniture. You can use the image you want. Any picture, image, poster, any materials including gold leaf can be applied to a total custom Electric Glass Radiator. You must consider a few things to make sure that your picture will look as you want on a Electric Glass Radiator. You need a fairly large image, high quality and must consider how it would look on the size of the Electric Glass Radiator.

- Do not make noise. No water, no oil.

- Do not occupy much space. Electric Glass Radiators are offered in various sizes to match the heat requirements of the rooms.

- It radiates direct-heat, like the Sun. Infrared radiation, also known as thermal radiation, is a kind of energy transportation through electromagnetic waves. Infrared radiation heats up the objects and is hitting independently of the ambient air. The best example for this principle is the infrared radiation of the sun, which, similar to the glass radiator, is absorbed by all objects, leading to their warming.

- If it is a "mirror", it reflects all the light to create optical illusion of a larger room;

- Combinable with renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic or wind power, combined with the ideal efficiency of Electric Glass Radiators, make it an environmentally friendly alternative to existing heating systems.

- Adjustable thermostat helps you save energy and money. The Electric Glass Radiator uses the exact amount of energy required to reach the desired room temperature. You'll benefit from lower energy consumption costs. 

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