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About Electric Radiators

    The Electric Radiators offers an easy solution to your heating requirements when the option of plumbed in radiators is too much hassle, not cost effective or perhaps gas is not available. It's important to familiarize yourself with the different Electric Radiators available, the difference between conventional central heating systems and the operation of Electric Radiators, and their intended function. Using Electric Radiators is one sure-fire way of introducing both warmth and comfort to the dwelling you reside in. This is the best way of doing this, especially for those individuals constrained by budgetary difficulties or without a means of undertaking a larger and probably a lot more costly project. For people in these situations, Electric Radiators offer distinct advantages over other types of systems. The chief reasons, though, many people decide to buy one of these Electric Radiators are for the improved efficiency, to have a greater control over proceedings, and to avail of the low installation and maintenance expenditure. Furthermore, the Electric Radiators provides an alternative to the storage heater.
    Electric Radiators are robust and designed for continuous use but - unlike classic central heating systems - electric radiators are not intended to be left on permanently. Electric Radiators are, rather, a perfect alternate solution for heating small spaces or frequently-used specific areas like bathrooms, studies, kitchens, conservatories or home offices.
    Electric Radiators resemble a wet heating system, but use an electrical element to heat the liquid inside which may be water, oil or a chemical mixture. Oil-filled Electric Radiators or electric oil heaters are common, however all forms of Electric Radiators use the process of heat radiation to provide heat for your home. 

Efficient Electric Radiators

    High efficiency Electric Radiators are a more efficient, stylish, more flexible and easily installed alternative to storage heaters. They are also worth considering for your heating needs instead of using oil or LPG gas, or where it would be costly to have gas mains installed. The slim-line design matches traditional radiators and requires minimal space, and the Electric Radiators creates a comfortable, healthy atmosphere unlike the stuffiness produced by storage heaters. If you think of Electric Radiators as a cost-efficient addition to your overall home heating system (imagine the benefits of just clicking on a quick-warming unit in the garage, or in the conservatory when you get home from work), you'll be thinking on the right lines. There are Electric Radiators for more permanent use, too - you'll find several ranges of stylish electric radiators designed specifically for installed domestic purposes. There is nothing better than walking into a bathroom first thing on a cold morning and being enveloped by warmth!
    As a general rule of thumb, most Electric Radiators utilize every single amp of electricity that finds its way to the heating elements, and because of this these devices create warmth that is evenly distributed throughout the room it's in.
    Other types of radiator such as the cast-iron variety are inherently inefficient in their electrical consumption and because of this the energy output these devices can achieve is significantly reduced. As with all electrical devices, the better the efficiency, the lower the energy consumption, which itself leads to lower utility bills.

Electric Radiators are Easy to Control

    Electric Radiators are standalone units which mean they can be controlled individually, as and when desired. Obviously, then, individuals units located in different rooms need not have to be on the same settings. Because of this, you have better control at which rooms in the dwelling are heated, depending on their use at any specific time. Having a better control means that only the energy absolutely required is consumed by the appliance, again meaning lower energy bills.
    You can program most modern Electric Radiators to turn on and off at specific times - a function that not only allows you to come home to your warm house or wake up to a warm bathroom but drives down the cost of your energy bills. Just think of that warm office waiting for you in the morning! You'll only need to program your radiators to turn on ten minutes before you turn up, by the time you get there the place will be nice and toasty.
    Usually, there are two methods of controlling Electric Radiators: a central control/timer which will control up to seven Electric Radiators; or, every Electric Radiator can have its own timer and thermostat built in, which means each room can be controlled and timed individually. Both control methods give you a highly efficient, flexible system, resulting in lower energy bills and carbon emissions.
    There is also an LST (Low Surface Temperature) version which is ideal for use in nursing homes, schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

Low Installation and Maintenance Expenditure with Electric Radiators

    Electric Radiators can be wall-mounted, free-standing or portable, making them an adaptable way of supplying heat in your home as they are suitable for use indoors and in rooms such as conservatories. Because Electric Radiators are standalone appliances, installation costs associated with them are nonexistent. This is in direct contrast to other forms of radiator that often require expensive plumbing, water boilers and intricate wiring work to get them installed. On the other hand, Electric Radiators just need to be removed from the packaging it was in when purchased from the store and plugged into an electrical socket - and that's it! Electric radiators require no wiring and no ugly pipe work, just an ordinary plug socket. Once the Electric Radiators is mounted on the wall (using brackets) and plugged in, heat is produced almost immediately, reaching an optimum temperature within just 10 minutes. And because there is no plumbing involved, maintenance costs are also virtually non-existent.

The Benefits of Electric Radiators

    For the most part, the main benefits of Electric Radiators have been outlined in the above paragraphs. The heat in modern Electric Radiators is diffuse, gentle and as safe as conventional water heated radiators. Unlike an electric heater, which blows air over a set of hot elements (and can easily contribute to half of your monthly electricity bill in the process), Electric Radiators use a small amount of power to warm a radiant surface. So you get the same amount of heat for a fraction of the cost - and you don't have to contend with those ugly-looking orange wires that burn the baby's fingers when she touches them. One thing you must ensure before you do actually purchase one though is to determine whether this type of Electric Radiator can indeed solve any heating issues you may have. You don't want to spend your money on one of the many Electric Radiators available only to realize that it is, after all, not something that can adequately solve the heating problems where you live.

Wide Variety of Styles

    The wide variety of styles is much more impressive than it once was - including the column style as well as highly polished flat paneled models. There are styles to suit every taste and choice of home décor as well as a price to match every budget, therefore choosing Electric Radiators for your home is a great idea! Whatever your preference, there is a design option to meet your requirements. Electric Radiators cover a full spectrum of size and design, with compact, almost invisible radiators in panel format at one end and full-size free-standing column radiators at the other. No matter what your requirements there'll be an Electric Radiator that matches them.
    More recently, Electric Radiators have also started to be manufactured from new materials such as stone and glass, offering distinct advantages, so while these are expensive alternatives at the moment, they certainly do have a certain 'wow' factor.
    Electric Glass Radiators require no plumbing, instead using electrical elements that are invisibly built into the glass pane, rather like those used to defrost a car windscreen. Electric Glass Radiators are completely transparent, made from 13mm thick toughened safety glass, can be wall or floor mounted and are available in a range of sizes.
    Mirror Electric Radiators take this application one step further and are perfect for a bathroom or kitchen where the heated surface prevents water condensation from developing, so your mirror is never misted up.
    Stone Radiators are made of marble, limestone or granite and make the most of the natural heat-retaining properties of stone. These radiators can use either electricity or they can be plumbed into your central heating system, where they use less water than a conventional radiator for the same heat output. Stone Electric Radiators are more energy efficient than a conventional radiator.
    Whatever style of Electric Home Radiators sparks your imagination, there is an option guaranteed to keep the fire burning!

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