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Home Radiators Calculator

    This Home Radiators Calculator offer You a quick and easy method to determine the radiator size/sizes needed in a normal domestic enviroment, but may not suit everyone.
You can determine the radiator size/sizes if You select from the options below, as closly as possible to your room conditions, plus option to allow your prefered heating 'comfort type'.
    Please note that this home radiator calculator uses industry standard formulas, however, the results are for guidance only and we make no guarantees as to the accuracy of individual results. You may find some online home radiators calculator provide differing results - our advice would be to go with your gut instinct and apply common sense. A higher result means you will be looking for a larger radiator which happens to cost more...

Room's Lenght (meters)
Room's Width (meters)
Room's Height (meters)
Floor Type
Room type
Double Glazed?
Any Wall North Facing?
French Windows?
Number of outside walls
Comfort type
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