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 Stone Home Radiators

    Granite and marble heating radiators, the heating system of the future. If you are looking for an innovative and cost-effective heating system, granite and marble electric radiator is one of the best choices. Natural stone radiators are crafted from marble, granite and limestone sourced from across the world, each item is unique with its own distinguishable natural pattern. Complementing any interior design style these versatile units can be mounted in various positions and are available with a choice of accessories such as towel rails and are compatible with electric and water heating systems. 

Electric Stone Radiators

    About Electric Stone Radiators

Electric Stone Radiators are result of modern scientific advances combined with ancient knowledge of using natural stones as heating elements. As they retain heat, the Electric Stone Radiators only use power to maintain the desired temperature operating for 10-18min per hour. This provides enormous energy saving advantages and makes them extremely economical to run.
This solid Electric Stone Radiator with an integral electrical heating element uses the good heat retention properties of stone and the innovative modern technology in the heating elements to produce an efficient way of heating your home that many modern heating radiators do not possess. These stone radiators are about 4cm thick and can be used in portrait or landscape format.
The superb Electric Stone Radiator provides an instant focal point in any room, looking more like a work of art than a radiator.

Easy to Install and Clean

Installing Electric Stone Radiators is as easy as installing conventional electrical radiators, but the properties of Electric Stone Radiators are superior, and require no plumbing. Electric Stone Radiators are fixed with sockets. They were adjusted with a spacer parallel to the wall. If you have an Electric Stone Radiator with connections at the back, an electrical-thermostat must be installed. For better efficiency and use of their energy saving capabilities it is recommended that they are controlled by a room thermostat placed at least 0.5m away from the radiator. Any ordinary room thermostat can be used: analogue, digital, remote-controlled. To run more radiators with connections at the back, we recommend that you use a connection block. By running it at a normal temperature (60-70°) an Electric Stone Radiator is like a cozy tiled-stove! The heating elements inside the stone radiators are insulated and can be used in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms. Towel rails can also be fitted for added versatility.

Nearly 50 Varieties of Stone

Choose Electric Stone Radiators as embellishments of your home or summer cottage. There is a range of about fifty stone varieties which are sure to include one that is just right in matching your home's interior decoration and material solutions.

Even and Pleasant Cushy Heat

The stone stores a lot of heat and releases it steadily over a long time period. Because of this the Electric Stone Radiator does not cause a feeling of draught and it is safe and pleasant in regard to its surface temperature and helps to prevent the allergic irritation. Its massive structure means also that the radiator is totally silent. Electric Stone Radiators are preferred to be used for healthy warmth and a special atmosphere in every room. For larger rooms you can mix it up with other radiators as well. The natural material goes together with the environment friendly heating without dust, smoke or noise.

Low Surface Temperature

Electric Stone Radiators are noiseless, durable and excellent in store warmth. In addition they are also beautiful details for interior decoration. The front of the stone emits pure radiant heat into the room. In addition, the air between the stone and the wall radiates warmth from behind too. This share of energy is needed to complete to the full power of the radiator and that's why there is no insulation at the back.

Durable and Economical in Use

A very well insulated home consumes for heating about 25 W/m3. If the walls are made of non-insulated logs, the energy consumption is 40-50 W/m3. It is better to exceed these recommended figures than to fall short of them. This not only provides a low cost heating alternative. Using the high density of the natural stone (excellent heat storage characteristic) the Electric Stone Radiators gave very good economical result. The construction of the heaters provides that the 70% of the heat is dissipated on the front panel. Electric marble and granite stone heaters operating surface temperature is around 85º-90º C. All heaters were extensively tested on much higher temperatures, meaning that there is no risk of damage to the stone.

Wonderful, Genuine Material

A very well insulated home consumes for heating about 25 W/m3. If the walls are made of non-insulated logs, the energy consumption is 40-50 W/m3. It is better to exceed these recommended figures than to fall short of them.

Table Placing

The required space is minimal. It can be used in bathrooms or in any other room with high humidity. Long life without any maintenance. Radiators are normally placed under the windows to eliminate the feeling of draught caused by the cold window surface. The length of the radiator should be the same like the windows. If there are several windows in line use more than one radiator. Check that the capacity in the whole is enough for warming the entire room space.

Stone radiators

 About Water Heated Stone Radiators

All the advantages of natural stone heating, such as reduction of air and dust circulation and the emission of evenly distributed radiant heat, but connected to a standard central heating system. Due to heat retention properties there is less water in the heating cycle resulting in less energy expenditure. The small depth of the Stone Radiators provides for an elegant and stylish alternative to regular central heating.

Stone Radiators Specifications

The weight of the radiator is evenly distributed via the durable mounting brackets and the radiator can be mounted on almost any type of wall. However, if you are unsure please consult your builder or contractor. Your wall should indeed not be able to hold the weight so you can choose a free standing Stone Radiators.

Stone Radiators Sizes

Details of the size of an area that each radiator can heat can be found in this web site. The exact number of Stone Radiators depends on various factors such as the quality of the room's insulation, outside temperature, the number and size of windows and doors etc. If unsure, it is always recommended that a higher power output is chosen for maximum energy savings.

Stone Radiators Positioning

Stone Radiators should ideally be positioned to face the centre of the room and be a minimum distance away from the floor, thermostat and furniture. We recommend that the radiator is fitted at least 150-200mm above the floor surface. Please refer to the mounting instructions provided with the product for full details. Because of the radiant heat they produce, the heat is distributed evenly in all directions, need not be placed under the windows.

Stone Radiators Operating

Stone Radiators take longer to reach the maximum operating temperature than ordinary heaters due to heir heat retention properties. It takes around 20-45minutes for Stone Radiators to reach their maximum temperature depending on the model type. Once this temperature is reached the stone will store heat, resulting in enormous energy savings. Also, due to its properties the Stone Radiator will stay warm for around 1.5-2 hours after it is switched off. Although the Stone Radiators do get very hot while operating, but the stone cannot burn you like other materials (e.g. metal) at these temperatures. This is due to the fact that marble and granite conduct the heat slowly.

Stone Radiators Maintenance

Natural stone radiators require virtually no maintenance provided that the correct installation and mounting instructions are followed. The only requirement is to keep the surface clean from pollutants and to wipe any dust from the surface of the radiator dust with clean cloth when radiator is switched off. Make sure that the radiator is switch off before cleaning its surface. Stone Radiators with connections at the bottom are installed with a thermostat-valve or a valve-set. Stone Radiators don't need an extra deflation. The pipes inside the stone are so small, that air-bubbles are carried away by the water.
It is not recommended that clothes or any other material is placed directly onto the radiator surface which is why accessories such as towel rails can be ordered.

Energy Savings
Stone radiators are compatible with any alternative energy source.

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